Enterprise PDM Reporting (1 of 2)

This post is going to focus on the very exciting topic of EPDM reporting.  Hold on to your hats…

As many of you know, you can create many different kinds of custom searches inside of Enterprise PDM.  You can organize them in many ways and then export them to common formats like MS Excel.  This is fine for many companies.  However, there are some companies that want to distribute these reports to “Non-Vault-Users” or as I call them…NVUs.

NVUs are people who don’t always need to see all the data that might be stored in the vault.  They do not want to see the MS Project file, the drawings, the specifications, etc.  They just want the status so they can make decisions.  In my company, we call them salespeople.  In your company, they may be managers, production control, etc.  The typical NVU is always on the go.  They want the data at their fingertips all the time, whether on their laptop or on their mobile device.  For these particular users, we can provide very comprehensive SQL reports, in a nice friendly web format.

Please see the attached video for some ideas.  I will be posting the second blog in the series in the next couple days.  I will provide some sample reports that I put together using report builder and a couple SQL queries as well.  Stay tuned and send questions to InFlow Technology.

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