Enterprise PDM Shortcuts

If you use Enterprise PDM or have read previous posts, you understand that Enterprise PDM is built inside the windows explorer interface.  What many people forget is that you have the same shortcut and favorites you would have with any windows folder.  For example, you can put an icon for the search or vault launch on your desktop or on the taskbar.  You can also add any EPDM folder to your actual windows explorer favorites, which can be accessed from nearly every windows native application.  Look to the screenshots to get some ideas.  My vault name is EPDMVault…

Shortcuts on the desktop…


Added to the favorites area in Windows 7 (this can be accessed during file-open and file-save from windows native applications like MS Office products)


Pin to Start Menu


These are just a few ideas.  If any subscribers have additional ways to launch the vault, please send your comments back.  Visit us on the web at www.inflow-tech.com.


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