Enterprise PDM: Unexpected Incorrect User Password

There have been some recent instances where a user may attempt to log into Enterprise PDM, only to see a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Login error claiming that “The entered user name or password is incorrect”. This may happen even though the user has logged into Windows using the exact same credentials, no passwords were recently changed and IT has not made any changes to the server.


This can be caused by inconsistencies between the cached user information on the local servers and network location. There a few options that can be taken to gain access to the vault again:

  1. The user could simply reset their Windows password, reboot their machine and attempt to log in to Enterprise PDM again. This method will likely fix the issue, but if resetting the user’s password in not desired continue trying the other techniques.
  2. If your username does not contain the network domain in front, try adding it. If it already does, try removing it.
  3. Have someone with access to your local PDM Archive server restart the “SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Archive Server” service. This may help in resetting the cached user values.
  4. A SOLIDWORKS SPR has been created, SPR 485395, stating that the “Login token cannot be read with the error ‘the entered user name or password is incorrect’ when domain user has no log on access to the server”. Unfortunately there is no set fix date (as of November 19, 2015), but there are a few solutions to help fix the issue:
    1. S-035867 – A PDF is attached to this solution that will help troubleshoot the user’s login information.
    2. S-068337 – This is a result of a Microsoft Windows update KB3002657 for Windows Server 2003. A new version of the update, 3002657-v2, can be installed or you can simply uninstall the original.
    3. S-060659 – The user profile may be corrupted and need to be recreated.

If the user is still unable to log into Enterprise PDM, please contact your local Value Added Reseller (VAR) and they should be able to help troubleshoot the issue.

Derek M. Lawson
Consultant – Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

InFlow Technology | www.InFlow-Tech.com

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