Enterprise PDM User Lists

In SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you can add a drop-down list to the datacard so that the user can easily select from the list of PDM users.  For example, if you want to pick a project manager, instead of typing in a name, you can pick from the list of PDM users.  See the screenshot:

, Enterprise PDM User Lists Fulluserlist

In this example, Fred, Jeff, and Mark are part of the Project Manager Group in PDM, but the default method shows you all PDM users.  If you are looking to select a project manager, you cannot tell which user is part of the project manager group.  In order to define a project manager group list, you have to define a PDM list based on a SQL query.  To do this, go to Lists in the Enterprise PDM Admin tool.  Create a new list called Project Manager (or your list name).  The list should be a SQL type list.  In the query box, type in the following:

SELECT     Users.FullName
FROM         Groups INNER JOIN
                      GroupMembers ON Groups.GroupID = GroupMembers.GroupID INNER JOIN
                      Users ON GroupMembers.UserID = Users.UserID
WHERE     (Groups.Groupname = 'Project Managers')

In the bottom area of the list, type in your SQL connection information and then select Test.  The list should look like this:

, Enterprise PDM User ListsPMSQLList  

Once your list is saved, link it to your project manager attribute on your data card.  The result should look like this:


As users are added to the project manager group, the list updates automatically.  You can set up a list for all your groups or combine multiple groups in a single list.  For more information or questions, contact InFlow Technology.

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