EPDM and ITAR Compliance

For many companies, ITAR Compliance has become a major concern.  ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) generally deals with the export of sensitive information to foreign governments or persons.  For engineering departments, ITAR Compliance relates to the export of technical data, specifically data deemed inappropriate for export.  Examples would include drawings or 3D models developed for defense contractors.

The regulations mention the export of technical data.  But, companies must also control access to data based on the user citizenship.

To properly control the data, a company must be able to accomplish the following:

  • The ITAR restricted documents have to be flagged in some way
  • Once labelled, there has to be some kind of system set up to control security based on the ITAR flag

The bad news…penalties can be severe for non-Compliance.  The good news…EPDM can be set up to accomplish ITAR Compliance.  Here are a couple things you need to do:

  1. Set up an ITAR Restricted flag on the EPDM data card for the documents.  This can be set by default so all documents get the flag set.
  2. Add an additional ITAR Restricted workflow.  The ITAR Restricted documents are automatically added to the ITAR workflow.
  3. Set up an ITAR restricted group so that documents in the ITAR workflow are hidden from the group.

It should be very easy to set up.  Any questions, send them along, or request info at www.inflow-tech.com.


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