“Failed to Save Document” Oh no!!!

Every so often you may encounter an error that threatens your document’s progress. It’s not the end of the world just some going back and redoing some work. But maybe, it can be saved.

Here’s a few tips to overcome the notorious failed to save document error.

·        Most importantly DON’T close your document until it saves.

·        If you are in a part, try to use ctrl+Q to perform a force regen (it doesn’t’t look like it does much but it does more than a rebuild).

·        Do you see anything in the tree that has any rebuild symbols that don’t go away? Try editing the feature and see if it clears.

·        Did you add any new features to the part? If so try suppressing it or rolling back to see if any errors show up.

·        Do you have any configurations? If so cycle through them and try saving again. (this has proven successful in more than one instance.)

·        Are you on a network? Can it save locally?

·        Can you do a save as/copy?


·        Did you just edit a part? Go back to the last edited part(s) since the last save. Look through the tree for rebuild symbols/errors. Correct these…

·        CTRL+Q and cycle through any configurations in the part level of the last edited model and also again at the assembly level. Try saving again.

·        Does “Save all” work?

·        Can you save any of the sub parts? (If you can save the sub level parts then the assembly save usually will update to being corrected by the parts unless you were adding parts when the error occurred, or you were working on assembly features).

OK so there you have it. These factors are contributors to the “failed to save document” error. If these don’t work there is a possibility of corruption however these steps have been successful in the cases I have handled. If they don’t work and you are really in need of saving them, please contact your friendly neighborhood reseller.

John Van Engen
CATI Technical Analyst

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