Fix Windows Registry Errors for SOLIDWORKS

Many of us have gone through some instances where SOLIDWORKS would fail to install or uninstall for whatever reason. That typically suggests a problem with the registry, and registries need the proper rights in order to edit them.

For Windows 7 and earlier, there was a tool called Fixit that would help with this. Many of the same problems were solved by our Technical support team because of this tool. Now with Windows 10, that same tool did not work – but now we have an answer.

You can find it at this location:

The nice thing about this is that it’s a portable app, so you can store it on a USB drive and run it anywhere. The tool works on Windows 7 through 10 (64-bit only), and it also works for Windows versions in other languages. It fixes registry keys that are corrupted which may prevent any upgrades, installations, or complete program removals. In our case with Solidworks, it may help with the same type of problems.

Before you run the tool, if you want it to fix the errors automatically, you can click on the “Advanced” link to select the check box that enables that function.


After selecting which option to perform, either an install or uninstall, the tool begins to scan your machine. Once it finds any errors, it will list it the dialog with any additional information. If it doesn’t find any errors, it will also give you a way to explore additional options.


At that point, you can try one of the methods listed above or contact our technical support team.

George Brañes

CATI Technical Support Engineer

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