Free SimulationXpress Tutorial

SOLIDWORKS helps you design just about any product you can imagine. However, it is not always
clear if the product will meet conditions it will face in real life. Traditionally, prototypes are tested for real-life scenarios ensuring design compliance. While this methodology has proven effective, it is time consuming and expensive.

Every license of SOLIDWORKS is armed with a free tool called SimulationXpress. SimulationXpress helps users test SOLIDWORKS parts for real-life load scenarios. SimulationXpress contains
a subset of features from full blown Simulation Product, which is based on a numerical technique called Finite Element Analysis or FEA. To use SimulationXpress, users need not have in-depth
knowledge of FEA or numerical techniques. Using a simple interface, SOLIDWORKS modeled parts can be tested for loads and environment conditions. Results generated can be used to optimize for weight or desired factor of safety.

We found a great tutorial generated by Solid Professor – a solution partner to SolidWorks. The tutorial walks through capabilities and functionality of SimulationXpress.I would sincerely recommend users to take time and walk through this short video. The tutorial also has exercises to test your skills and make sure you have a good grasp of concepts.


SimulationXpress is a wonderful start off point towards designing better products. However, there are limitations to SimulationXpress. These limitations can be overcome with full blown Simulation products. We regularly host free webcasts covering different analysis techniques and functionality. All you need to do is register for our upcoming webcasts. Design Better Products….

Rajat Trehan
Product Manager – Design Validation
Computer Aided Technology Inc. 

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