Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance Constraints (FSWPC-13-#12)

(Modeling Methodology – RealView Graphics)

SOLIDWORKS has the capability to display designs vividly with RealView Graphics. While these features allow for a very pretty and realistic model in general they are not needed for everyday modeling. RealView Graphics and Shadows in Shaded Mode are tow setting that take a large amount of system resources and have an effect on our rebuild, refresh, open, save and close times. You can turn off RealView Graphics and Shadows In Shaded Mode in the View (heads-up) toolbar as shown below.



If you have a need for having a RealView appearance then it is best to set that as a Display State or Configuration for the part or assembly.

Note: This setting can have a larger or smaller on each users performance depending on how many parts were using RealView Graphics.


You can by looking at our deltas see that on our Practical machine we gained 2.7% total improvement. If we look at the Typical machine we can see that the overall improvement is a respectable 20.2% performance gain and took over 55min off of our benchmark time.

check back to the CATI blog as we will continue posting our
series of articles that goes further into the details of each of our tests. All
of these articles will be stored in the category of Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance
 and links to each with their
release date are listed below:


Altergott, CATI Support Manager

Fanjoy, CATI Technical Services Director



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