Free SOLIDWORKS from Performance Constraints (FSWPC-13-#16)

(Modeling Methodology – Envelope)

The next tool that we are going to look at for reducing the level of detail in our parts and subassemblies is Envelope. Both parts and assemblies can be set as an Envelope when inserted into and assembly or it can be set in the component properties. Envelopes have two main functions, can use them as a reference component or as a selection tool. Envelopes are ignored in global assembly operations such as bills of materials and mass properties.


For our assembly once again due to the overall size we choose to use Envelope on just the Cab Assembly.


You can by looking at our deltas see that on our Practical machine we gained 0.4% total improvement. If we look at the Typical machine we can see that the overall improvement is cut by a respectably 36% performance gain and took over 1hour and 42min off of our benchmark time.

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