Get a FREE copy of the DriveWorks Little Book of Rules

If you’ve been using DriveWorksXpress to automate your SOLIDWORKS designs, why not give DriveWorks Solo a try and experience all the extra functionality and benefits offered.

Just download the DriveWorks Solo FREE 30 day trial and get your hands on free copy of the Little Book of Rules.

DriveWorks Little Book of Rules

DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo allow you to use Rules to automate your SOLIDWORKS designs and we are sure you will find this latest edition of the book really useful.

This helpful pocket-sized book is full of examples of how rules can be used by you to automate your repetitive and everyday tasks using DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo. Get your copy today!

Make sure you enter Computer Aided Technology, Inc as your reseller when prompted; to make sure we can get the book sent without delay!


Jim TeDesco
Computer Aided Technology, Inc. 

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