Getting SVG and other vector files into SOLIDWORKS with no cost to you.


Good morning everybody,

I was working on some things for the SOLIDWORKS 2012 rollout and came across an ipad 2 cover in the what’s new files. It was used for the feature freeze vignette. I thought to myself it would be really cool to cut the logo’s for the local sports teams I would be visiting. So I looked on line for some logos I could use. I found, of all places, the Wikipedia was a great source of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files. The problem was SOLIDWORKS doesn’t open them, but vector editing packages do. I found a nice free tool called inkscape that will not only open svg and other vector files but will save out a really clean dxf that I can open into SolidWorks. I hope you enjoy the movie.


Here is an example rendering

Bob McGaughey, CSWE


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