Getting What You Paid For

In some cases where you have either upgraded or purchased a higher level of SOLIDWORKS you may be missing some features. In most cases you probably have what you should but here is a way to fix it if you don’t.

For starters we need to open the installation manager. The most consistent way is to go to your control panel, add/remove programs (for XP) or programs and features (for Vista, Win7). Locate SOLIDWORKS and choose change. This will launch the Installation Manager as seen below.


You may need to select your package type from here:



Next review your package inclusions and make sure they are all checked. Below is a sample of premium and it is currently missing Routing and Tolanalyst.


Once chosen SW will install them. In respect to the SNL based licenses, SOLIDWORKS defaults to installing premium options to cover whatever license types might be on the network license. This doesn’t mean you actually can use them. Same thing would apply to a Stand Alone seat set to Premium, sure you will be able to install the options, but your license type will determine if you can use it. So don’t install anything you don’t have you will only be taking up space on you machine.


Click next and then modify now to install your selections.

John Van Engen
CATI Tech Support

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