Great News! It’s here! SOLIDWORKS 2008!

SOLIDWORKS 2008 SP0.0 has been released and is now available for download from the SOLIDWORKS website.

I am excited to see this new version released and it has some terrific new features.
There are too many improvements to list them all here but here are a few highlights;

A completely New Interface and new Command Manger is quicker to use and gives your models a more finished and dramatic photo-rendered look right from the start.
SWIFT Instant3D lets you push and pull on model faces, edges, and dimensions Live, without editing features or sketches, this keeps you designing in the graphics window, now you’ll spend even less time going back and forth between the toolbars and your model.
SWIFT DimXpert gives you 3D models that are fully dimensioned for manufacturing as well as automating 2D Drawings.
New powerful Large Assembly Management tools allow you to simplify assemblies without configurations and regardless of assembly structure. The QuickView/Selective Open enables you to open just the components you want to work on without loading other components or subs you don’t want to work with.
Design ClipArt dissects existing CAD data and extracts it so you can reuse it. This function lets you dig down into a model through the search engine, drag and drop features and sketches, right out of existing models and put them to use in your new models.

To learn more see this link,

Or Better Yet come and see all the new features in person at CATI’s Largest Event of the Year!
CATI’s SOLIDWORKS 2008 Discovery and What’s New Events

Design Better!

Paul Niedermann

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