Where did that command go?

Have you taken time to discover the hidden gem call “search commands”?  This has been a very helpful
tool for anyone just learning SolidWorks, or for the veteran that just wants to know where they moved my tool.   The “Search Command” allows you to find and run commands in the user interface.

  • Results are filtered as you type each keystroke.
  • Run the command from the search window.  SOLIDWORKS will remember the commands you use
    and place them at the top of the search list the next time you search.
  • Shortcuts allow you to assign keystroke sequences to the regularly use commands.

Start typing a search query in the SOLIDWORKS Search box. 

Do one or more of the following:

  • To locate a command in the SOLIDWORKS user interface, hover over the command in the results list and click Show Me .
  •  To run a command, click the command, or highlight the command and press Enter.
  •  If a command cannot run, it is unavailable in the results list and appears lower in the list. For
    example, many commands cannot run unless a document is open.
  •  To add a command to a toolbar, drag the command from the results list and drop it on the toolbar.


Hope this helps you find your way around the interface!

Bryan Pawlak
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.


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