Having Trouble Keeping Track of Your SOLIDWORKS Activations?

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE 5/1/2019***

Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS has decided to phase out Home Use Licenses (HUL) starting October 4th, 2019. At that time, users will not be able to install, activate, deactivate, or upgrade their existing HUL. When HUL was first introduced to SOLIDWORKS users, the ability to work outside of the office was limited by technology. SOLIDWORKS users needed a way to work without having to access company networks or servers. With advances in technology along with the growing use of mobile devices and laptop computers, SOLIDWORKS has found that users can easily connect through VPN/remote connections to access an SNL license.

Here are your suggested options for home use.

  • Connect to the company network using VPN
  • Borrow an SNL License
  • Convert an SNL License to Standalone License
  • Purchase additional Standalone licenses (Perpetual or Term) and leverage Online Licensing if needed

If you would like more information, please contact the CATI Support Team or your CATI representative.


As some of you may or may not know, starting with SOLIDWORKS 2007 SP3.0, SOLIDWORKS has moved away from a Registration Code for controlling SOLIDWORKS licenses and has moved to Activation Based licensing of SOLIDWORKS Products.

This new way of licensing SOLIDWORKS has made is a lot easier for customers to install and get their software up and running but has made it harder for CAD administrators to keep track of who and where their SOLIDWORKS licenses have been activated.

We at CATI Tech Support have seen many customers run into these issues as employees have left companies and new employees have started or as computers have been upgraded within engineering. We have created a simple Excel form that you can download at the link below, to help you keep track of your licenses.

This form is set so that you can easily keep track of either your Standalone or Network Home Use Licenses (HUL) of SOLIDWORKS The information inputted into this form will also aid CATI support in the case that you have an employee leaves the company and fails to deactivate their Home Use License of SolidWorks. All you and your users need to do is fill in the following information:

·        Users First and Last name

·        Home or Work Computer Name (see notes on form acquire Computer Name)

·        Date of Installation

·        Email Address that was entered into the Activation Form

·        Standalone Serial Number

There is also an area to fill in information about Network Home Use License (HUL).

If you would like more information about SOLIDWORKS License Activation and Deactivation or some of the new information about Home Use Licensing for SOLIDWORKS 2008 please see the posting about these topics on this CATI Tech Notes blog or by contacting CATI Technical Support at 888-285-2284 or support@cati.com

Download solidworks_activation_license_tracking.xls

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