HELP! I have lost my references!


On numerous occasions, I have helped people load SolidWorks (or other CAD) files into PDMWorks Enterprise.  In almost every case, we are loading a data set that is in disarray.  So, when we try to check in the files, the check in screen will send a warning that SolidWorks cannot find the file in the original referenced location.  You will see this warning: Filenotfound

If a user moved the file or accidently referenced something on their local machine, the assembly simply cannot find the files.  This file has to be found and put into the proper folder to rebuild the relationship.  But this can be difficult if you are talking about thousands of files.  So, here is what you do to fix the references:

1.  Create a folder in your vault for collecting missing parts.

2.  Search your entire network, local desktops, etc. for the missing parts.  Paste them into the new folder.

3.  Add this vault location to your local “External References” search.  This is found by opening the PDMWorks Admin tool, expanding Local Settings, and double clicking on Settings.  There is a tab named External References.  (See screenshot) Add the folder by selecting the vault in the drop down and then selecting Add.  This will add a new “reference location” so that SolidWorks (or other CAD files) can find their lost references.


4.  After this, go back to your assembly to check it in.  All the references should now be linked to the files in this new reference location.

Any questions, contact InFlow Technology.

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