How to Install SOLIDWORKS 2011 Network License Server

Many times when doing upgrades, the issue of moving your 2010 or 2011 “SolidNetWork License Administrator” to a new server arises.

How difficult is it to move and how do I move it?

It’s actually a simple process.

First install the 2011 SNL Administrator on the NEW server but do not activate.

When ready, start the “SolidNetWork License ManagerAdministrator” on the old server.

Now, on the “Server Administration” tab, select “MODIFY.”

Select the “Transfer license” option and step through the remaining options. This will transfer the license off of the old server.

On the new server, select “MODIFY” “ActivateReactivate” and step through the remaining options.

This should pull the license to the new server.

Finally, on client PCs, open the “SolidNetWork License Manager” and update the “serve list” to direct to the new server name, for example, “25734@new_server_name.”

That’s it!

As always, if you have any questions on this process, give us a call in support at 800-816-8314.

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