How do I properly import a "SQL database" card list from one EPDM vault to another?

The use of .cex files can be a handy tool for importing settings and configurations from one vault to another such as a Test EPDM vault (Source vault) to a Production EPDM (Target vault). However, when importing card lists or cards that are populated from a SQL database, there are a couple important things to keep in mind.

PLEASE NOTE: If the information for the list is not updated in the target vault it can cause serious functionality and performance issues since the list is attempting to query the database with invalid information.

Let’s use the example of a SQL database card that queries back to its own EPDM vault.

First, let’s take a look at what a SQL database card list looks like and how it behaves when exporting/importing. There are four main areas that important to the SQL database card list:

  1. SQL statement – The SQL statement is retained when exporting the card into a new EPDM vault. Please note, that the statement could contain database specific information.
  2. Server Information – The server information contains the server name and the database name that you are running your statement on. This information is retained when exporting the list.
  3. Log in Information – The Log in information is the user name and password used to log into the SQL database. Verify that the user has the correct privileges for the SQL server. The user name is retained when exporting however the password will become blank.
  4. Refresh rate – The refresh rate is retained when exporting the card list.


After importing the card into the target vault, you will need to open the list by double-clicking on it in the Admin tool. Once open, you will notice that the password is blank and that all other information is retained (re-enter the password). Since the list in the source vault was referencing back to itself, you will need to update the Server Information and potentially any reference to the server and database name in the SQL statement.

Once this is completed, select the Test button to verify that the query is working in the target vault. Don’t forget to save when exiting the list.


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