How do I upgrade my SOLIDWORKS Network License Server to a new version?

One question that we get a lot these days is, “How do I upgrade my SOLIDWORKS Network License Server to a new version?”

The answer to this is upgrading the server is something that can generally be done in less than 15min if you follow the steps below. Also working directly on the server is the best place to make these changes to prevent and possible security issues of working through Remote Desktop.

  1. Start the SNL Administrator.
  2. Stop the Service.
  3. Modify/Transfer the current activation back to the server.
  4. Close the SNL Administrator.
  5. Uninstall the current program through Add/Remove programs.
  6. Delete all directories related to the SNL. Most important is the folder that contains the sw_d.lic file.
  7. Install the new SNL Administrator and follow the prompts up to and including the activation process. Once activation is complete you will want to see Version19 if you installed and activated SW2011 (V18=2010, V17=2009, etc…).

Note: The newest SNL Administrator will support older versions of SOLIDWORKS installed on the client machines. 

Josh Altergott

CATI Support Team Leader

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