How to convert a Toolbox part to a standard part for PDM

From time to time you may want to copy a toolbox part for a custom part. In addition you may want to have that part get revision control as well. After attempting this a few times it's easy to give up. But like all things there is a trick to this. The toolbox files have a line in the file header that says "istoolboxpart". The old method was to change this information. Now we have a super handy tool for this. Go to your SOLIDWORKS install folder on your machine, probably c:program filessolidworks corpsolidworkstoolboxdata utilities run the sldsetdocprop.exe file.

SolidWorks Sldsetdocprop

You will have the ability to do specific files or folders. Select the files you would like to convert then choose "Property state: No" and click update status. The file will now be able to be checked into your PDM vault like any other part. That's it, you're done. Doesn't get much easier than that.

John Van Engen
CATI Technical Analyst

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