How to find folders with large file counts in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

After a file migration into EPDM, it is sometimes common to have folders with very large file counts (greater than 1000 files). This can contribute to slow performance when browsing through and opening folders with a large file count.

The following is a query that will identify the folders with these large file counts. There is also more information about this query that can be found in the SolidWorks Customer Portal in solution S-048678. The query below has been modified from the query in the crp file in this solution to exclude files and folders that have been deleted, but not yet destroyed in EPDM.

Once identified, you will want to follow a process to split the folders into more manageable folder sizes. InFlow has options to assist you in this process. Please contact your sales rep or call 800-875-3009 for more details.

SELECT P.Path, COUNT(DIP.ProjectID) AS ‘Number of files found’

FROM Projects P

JOIN DocumentsInProjects DIP

    ON DIP.ProjectID = P.ProjectID

JOIN Documents D

    ON DIP.DocumentID = D.DocumentID

WHERE P.FolderType = 1

AND D.Deleted = 0

AND DIP.Deleted = 0

AND P.Deleted = 0

GROUP BY DIP.ProjectID, P.PathHAVING COUNT(DIP.ProjectID) > 1000



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