How To Find folders With Large Folder Counts In SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM

In a previous blog, we provided a query to find folders that had a large file count (>1000 files). Folders of this size can lead to performance issues in SOLIDWORKS EPDM when browsing or referencing files in these folders. It is also possible that folders with a high number of folders can cause performance issues. You can use the following query to determine folders with high folder counts.

SELECT P.Name AS FolderName, P.Path, COUNT(PT.ProjectID) AS ‘Number of folders found’

FROM Projects P

JOIN ProjectTree PT

ON PT.ProjectID = P.ProjectID

WHERE P.FolderType = 1

AND P.Deleted = 0

GROUP BY P.Name, PT.ProjectID, P.Path

HAVING COUNT(PT.ProjectID) > 1000


Jeff Barker | Senior Consultant – PLM Solutions, CEPA, CSWS-D

InFlow Technology

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