How-to: SOLIDWORKS New User Settings

By: Jim Krivoshein


List settings that should be changed or confirmed to assist new users to SolidWorks.

Document what I usually have students change during my classes to make our class go smoother and the learning easier. Provide a reference for my students should they wish to change their machines back at work or home to be like the one they used in class.



When teaching SolidWorks to new users it's been easier to change a few things to streamline the learning process. SOLIDWORKS has a lot of customization capability and most users customize the interface to their liking. The following is the items I've found helpful in SOLIDWORKS Essentials classes I've taught to both teach how to use as well as to customize SOLIDWORKS and it's helped the learning process also.



Assuming you've just installed SOLIDWORKS (2013) without any previous installations of SOLIDWORKS and using the out-of-the-box settings. Also, the Copy Settings Wizard hasn't been used to restore/set any options. For this blog I've reset my registry, allowing SOLIDWORKS to recreate those out-of-the-box settings.

Click here for the PDF version.—-> Download New-User-Settings

Note: Many savvy SOLIDWORKS installers have a Copy Settings Wizard file they restore immediately after installing SOLIDWORKS to get the "company standards" setup commonly and consistently and this should continue. The following changes and checks are supplemental with the "company standards" being most important. Few of these items are likely to contradict company standards in a significant way, except for number 10 Default Templates. Company templates should always be used for company work.

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