Without Spoons, Ice Cream is just Not the Same. Design them in SOLIDWORKS Plastics

 If you’re a frequent visitor to the 3DVision Technologies blog, I’m almost certain you’ve read a few installments of our webinar series “How to Solve it”.  Hopefully you have also taken the time and watched the webinar recordings, as well.  Also, if you frequent the blog may have read some of my earlier articles discussing the design of an ice cream spoon.  While I currently have at least two more articles to write concerning the ice cream spoon, this short article is an introduction to the webinar discussing the use of SOLIDWORKS Plastics to analyze the design of the ice cream spoon.

Using SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard a great place to start for injection molding analysis.  One of the first things any Design Engineer would want to verify is if a part will short-shot, which means to not fill the cavity completely.  Since a short shot does not occur for either of the two spoon designs, I can use the post-processing tools in SOLIDWORKS Plastics to make comparisons between the two designs.  Ultimately, I want to use SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Plastics to design a great spoon using the least amount of material possible while exceeding all of the performance requirements necessary.  I bet you’ve never thought about performance requirements for an ice cream spoon before!

, Without Spoons, Ice Cream is just Not the Same. Design them in SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Watch the recording of my webinar (below) where I show you how to utilize SOLIDWORKS Plastics to verify injection molded part design of the ice cream spoon.  Now go make your products better with SOLIDWORKS Simulation!

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