I checked out a file from my vault and it opened read only?!? Help!

Checking out a file to work with and discovering its read only can be frustrating and unfortunately it can happen periodically when working with solidworks Enterprise PDM.

Don’t worry, Inflow is here to help!

Here are a few common reasons why a checked out file in a PDMWorks® Enterprise vault still opens as read-only in SolidWorks or other applications:

1. From the Solidworks Main Menu toolbar select Tools, Options, External References and check the SolidWorks option “Open referenced documents with read-only access” to ensure it is unchecked



2. Verify that you do not already have the file open in SolidWorks or another application.

Verify that the file that is being checked out is not already open as read-only in an existing SolidWorks process. Having an assembly open means that the referenced parts are already loaded in memory as read-only. Use the PDMWorks Enterprise add-in to check out files loaded in SolidWorks or ensure that the files being checked out are not already open in another application.

3. Double check your windows login profile.

It’s easy to switch logins and forget your current profile. Double check this, as it can impact your vault access and therefore the file rights. Rights within the vault are still of course managed through PDMWorks® Enterprise.

If your still having issues of course Inflow Technical Support is always happy to assist our customers!

Reference SolidWorks KB: Solution Id: S-022812 and S-038600

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