Importing UG files into 3DVia Composer

Composer is an awesome tool and one of its greatest strenghts is its versatility across different platforms.  Provided you have a license, you can import most cad packages.  The list includes SOLIDWORKS (.sldprt, .sldasm) as well as: 

– ACIS (.sat)
– IGES (.igs)
– STEP (.stp)
– VDA (.vda)
– Pro/E (.prt, .asm, .xpr, .xas)
– Universal 3D (.u3d)
– 3D Studio (.3ds)
– Stereo lithography (.stl)
– VRML 2.0 (.wrl)
– Alias Wavefront (.obj)

Notice, there is no UGII on the list.  Currently, Composer does not directly support this platform.  There is however, a way still to import such file types should you ran across the need to.  To do this, simply export the Unigraphics format into a neutral CAD format like ACIS, IGES, or STEP and then import that into Composer.  Simple enough!


Brian Adika

Tech Analyst, CATI

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