Trouble resizing Excell sheet in a SOLIDWORKS drawing?

Recently I ran into an issue where I was trying to insert an Excell sheet in a drawing but two really annoying things kept happening; 1. The sheet would come in with hundreds of unnecessary rows and 2. I could not resize the sheet at all to fit my drawing sheet. After trying to troubleshoot my SOLIDWORKS for an hour, I realized the problem is not in SOLIDWORKS but with Excell.  I was having problems brining in an Excell document created back in 2004.  Excell has since changed their format from .xls to .xlsx.  I copied and pasted the info from my old table into a new table and saved it (my new table was now in .xlsx format) and inserted it into SOLIDWORKS again.  This time the table acted as expected and I could resize and move it around just fine. So if you run into a similar issue, switch to a .xlsx table and your troubles will be kissed goodbye.


Brian Adika
Technical Analyst
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