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When we talk about the top 5 things you can do with the Collaborative Business Innovator, sharing with other users is right at the top of the list. 3DSwym lets you communicate with other users through direct messages or talk with groups of users. By integrating with your entire workspace, 3DSwym is the perfect social collaboration tool for the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

3DSwym Communities on 3DSwym Communities

Nothing is worse than getting updates that have no bearing on you. How important is it to Manufacturing that HR came up with a new way of tracking vacation days? Unless it changes how you request time off, probably not much impact at all. With different Swym Communities, you can get rid of the fluff and stay up to date on the latest posts that apply to you.

Create different communities in 3DSwym to keep up with other users.

When you create a community, you can choose how public you want it to be. Maybe this is for the whole company to discuss questions for the upcoming quarterly meeting. You may make that public and have it open to the whole company. But inside the business, you have individual departments. Marketing can have their own group to discuss projects but accounting probably doesn’t need to be part of that. In that case, a private community would be sufficient. Finally, you might have a group that goes out for lunch every Friday. Not everyone’s invited, so you want to keep it secret. That’s a secret community so nobody has to know about your lunch buddies.

Posting Updates

As with every social media platform, we want to post updates about what’s going on. 3DSwym on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is no different, except for maybe the content. With it being a business focused system, our updates may be less about what our cat did and more about the latest customer we signed an agreement with.

Posting updates keeps other engaged with what you’re doing regularly. Additionally, it keeps you up to date with what’s going on in the business. Think about the last time you were the last person to learn about something. That’s no fun, right? Well with 3DSwym, it’s easy to stay up to speed with news from different departments or even news within your department.

Posts are just one way of updating other users. Another great feature of posting to a community is getting feedback for a project. For example, I could ask for feedback about the latest design concept by asking a question. Different posts let you present information in other ways to members of 3DSwym communties. Alternatively, I could introduce a new idea for the company picnic and label that as an “Idea”.

Updates and posts are a great way to share information with several users at the same time. But sometimes you want to talk to just one person at the time. For that, we look to 3DSwym’s direct messaging.

Direct Message with Other Users

Before you click away from the blog, let me explain why this is actually a good thing! Yes, this means other users can contact you directly and ask you questions like “how do I turn on the platform?”, but it also means you can communicate from your base camp.

Embedding 3DSwym in your dashboards is a great way to keep communication front of mind. The Platform is all about communication and being able to quickly get in touch with anybody you need to from one spot is a game-changer. You could be reviewing a drawing for your colleague and have a question related to the model. Instead of calling him over or emailing the model back with a markup, simply attach it to a message in 3DSwym.

Kicking for Home

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is your base for everything. Not only can you design models in 3D and save them on a cloud-based platform, you also have a tool for communicating with other users. Swym communities let you group people together that have a common interest. Based on the content, you can restrict that community so that updates are applicable. But what would your updates be related to? Anything! Easily post updates, questions, surveys and more within any community that you have access to. And if you need to talk to just one specific person, send them a direct message. With 3DSwym, it’s easy to collaborate with other users and share important information.


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