Keeping Track of Network License Usage

Want to know how often you are running out of network licenses in a day, week, or month?  You can do this using the SolidNetWork License Administrator log file.   This can be helpful to determine if you need to purchase another license of SolidWorks.  To do this, on the server, launch the SolidNetWork license Administrator and select the “Server Administration” tab.  From here, you can access the log file.  Open the log file, and run a search for “DENIED” or “license number of users already reached”. 


**Note that this log file is reset every time the SolidNetWork License server is restarted. So you can only get the results since the last start of the server.


In addition, I am attaching a tool that SOLIDWORKS created for us that will help count this as well. 

Download SNL_Log_Scanner

You specify the path of the log file (typically this will be C:Program FilesSOLIDWORKS CorpSolidNetWork License Managerlmgrd.log) and then enter the string to search (Also “DENIED” in this case).

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