Learn 13 Interesting Things about Simulia ABAQUS

AbaqusCompanies use ABAQUS and other Dassault Systèmes software products every day for a multitude of sophisticated engineering uses. Buy ABAQUS software is interesting in and of itself. Did you know, for instance, that:

1. Best in class FEA solver ABAQUS has industry leading capabilities in:

  • general contact
  • analysis using non-linear materials (i.e., composites, rubber, soil)
  • large assembly models

2. ABAQUS was created by Dr. David Hibbitt after he founded ABAQUS, Inc. (formerly Hibbitt, Karlsson and Sorensen, Inc.) in 1978. The first parallel version of ABAQUS, version 5.4, was made available to users in 1995.

Abaqus3. There are more than 100 million Dassault Systemes users worldwide. ABAQUS is just one member of the software family from Dassault Systemes. Dassault Systemes is the parent company for many other software brands including; SIMULIA, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, ENOVIA, GEOVIA, DELMIA, 3DVIA, NETVIBES, and EXALEAD.

4. Simulia ABAQUS uses Value Added Resellers, to resell the Simulia product line, and has done so since 2011.

5. Simulia ABAQUS and other Simulia products can be obtained through purchase, yearly lease, and quarterly lease.

6. ABAQUS pricing is dependent upon: 1) concurrent usage (pre-processing, post-processing, and/or solving) 2) parallel processing, and 3) license term duration.

7. ABAQUS can be leased as a floating license or a node-locked license.

8. When you purchase ABAQUS you can access ABAQUS Standard, ABAQUS Explicit and ABAQUS CFD as well as all of the ABAQUS multi-physics solver capability, including:

  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)
  • Hydrostatic Fluid Mechanical
  • Piezoelectric-Mechanical
  • Thermo-Mechanical
  • Thermo-Electrical
  • Thermal-Fluid-Mechanical
  • Shock and Structural-Acoustic
  • Pore Fluid Flow-Mechanical (Structural-Pore Pressure)

ABAQUS provides open technology to couple with other codes, allowing for the performance of coupled multiphysics simulations between ABAQUS and other codes.

9. ABAQUS solver uses a token-based license system. In order to launch an initial analysis, ABAQUS requires five tokens to run on one core and then one additional token allows for parallel processing on two cores, significantly reducing processing times. Results may vary – contact a reputable ABAQUS VAR for more details.

10. Simulia’s new extended token licensing provides a common pool of tokens that can be checked out and used to run these products: ABAQUS, TOSCA, Isight, fe-safe.

11. ABAQUS can run on many different hardware platforms from something as basic as a laptop to something as sophisticated as a large multi-node cluster.

12. Simulia offers Centers for Simulation Excellence (CSE) support centers across the United States.

13. Simulia offers a multitude of training classes in person and online, ranging from basic classes like “Intro to ABAQUS”” all the way to advanced courses such as “Modeling Extreme Deformation and Fluid Flow with ABAQUS.””

With so many areas of excellence – in design, in application, and in service, Simulia ABAQUS is the right choice for your FEA needs. To see how it can help your business improve its products and processes, contact CATI today.

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