It's Just Time to ...Let XP Go

   I liked XP,  I really liked X7 logoP.  Who didn’t?  The OS as a whole has been and still is a main stay in our company.  I talked to a customer on the phone a couple of days ago that just ordered a new machine.  He was reciting the specs of this machine to me almost as if he was a proud father.  This guy was amped.  Sweet video card, lots of ram, and then he said it.  He ordered the machine preloaded with a XP 64bit downgrade.  I had to stop him.  You did what?  Why on earth at this point in the game would you take a new 64 bit system and not put Windows 7 on it?  He likes XP.   I know, I like XP too, but at some point we have to let go.  Embrace the new OS.  I like XP. I really like XP.  But I love my Windows 7.  The new features and functions in this OS are awesome.  I think that you will see more than a few blogs from Todd talking about new features and functions of 77 logo.  (We have yet to upgrade Todd’s machine to 7, so I think that he is using the blog to try and create a justification.)

From God mode, to XP mode, (have I mentioned that I like XP?) there are some many new features and functions.  The upgrade is simple, and if you haven’t yet, you have to try it.  I think that you will agree that it is the way that everything is going to go.  If you need to take that XP install disk, say a few words, maybe a moment of silence.  In the end you are going to need to ease it on down into the bottom drawer of your desk.  No, not next to the Cheetos, the other bottom drawer, the one that houses the old Windows 2000 disk and the NT disk. The ME disk that is still in the wrapper, and the Vista disk that was used for one install, followed shortly by the XP disk again.  But it is just time to let XP go. 

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