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  Hey I just wanted to throw a shout out to all of our users that may be attending SOLIDWORKS world.  I will be out there presenting on Monday afternoon from 2:45 to 3:45 in room 207 a-b.  This year I have taken on a new topic that I think many of the users that are attending world may have an interest in.  I have taken much of the information that we use to aid out customers in their implementations and combined that with some additional material that you may see in upcoming CATI training.  The session is entitled “Getting the Most Out of your SOLIDWORKS Libraries – Setting Up and Sharing Information”.  It is going to take the things that we here at CATI do for our customers when setting up libraries and bring them to the fore front.  Some of this information is pretty simple others a little more tricky.  It is for this reason that I will be trying to focus not only on the setup of the libraries, but proper creation and setup of some of the more advance features and functions such as smart components, auto sizing, and named mate references. The session is listed as a intermediate session do to the fact that much functions covered in the session would typically be done by a company’s “power users”, and deployed for other users to share the information and expertise that is built in.

   For those of you that are not planning on attending, I am sure that we will make the presentation available to the rest of the public once we all return.  For those of you that are attending please feel free to find Josh Altergott and tell him that I said he was going to buy you a drink!  The following picture is what he looks like: Josh


See you there!

Keith Schaefer

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