Manually Updating Toolbox

From time to time we get the occasional request on how to update your toolbox manually. Here are the instructions.

  •  Turn off Toolbox and Toolbox Browser addins in SOLIDWORKS for all users
  •  Go to your SOLIDWORKS install directory to the toolbox install folder

1.     C:Program FilesSOLIDWORKS CorpSolidWorksToolboxdata utilitiesUpdateBrowserData.exe

2.   NOTE: If you have a 64 bit machine go to Program Files not Program Files (x86)

  •  Run the UpdateBrowserData.exe file
  •  Click the (…) button and browse for the database file

1.     Should be located at <C>:SOLIDWORKS DataToolboxlangenglishswbrowser.mdb


Todd Werginz

Applications Engineer

Computer Aided Technology

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