Migrating into SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

The InFlow Technology implementation team has worked on 100+ Enterprise PDM implementations over the last 5 years.  Many implementations have required a file migration from an existing PDM system or from files stored on a network drive.  We recently finished 2 migrations from existing PDM systems.  Here are some details:

Migration from DBWorks to EPDM: 34,000 files with 56,000 total versions.  Load Time: 13 hours
Migration from AutoDesk Vault: 51,000 files with 102000 total versions.  Load Time: 21 hours

Including the two applications above, InFlow Technology consultants have migrated files from:

  • AutoDesk Vault
  • Workgroup PDM
  • SmarTeam
  • DBWorks
  • ProductCenter
  • BaanPDM
  • SimplePDM
  • Sharepoint

All in all, InFlow has migrated millions of file into EPDM, complete with version history, data card properties, CAD links, and project structure.  If you have an existing PDM system and you are looking at EPDM, let us know.  We may be able to help you move your files into EPDM.  Send an email to info@inflow-tech.com or visit www.inflow-tech.com.


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