Moving from DriveWorks Xpress to DriveWorks Solo

DriveWorks Xpress is the design automation tool included with every seat of SOLIDWORKS. The Xpress edition allows you to get to know this easy to use tool, but is limited to only a portion of what is possible in the world of knowledge based engineering. If you want dynamic forms that you can customize to fit your projects requirements, If you need access to more functions to allow you to write more complex rules, If you need more control over your models and drawings, you will want to check out DriveWorks Solo – the automation tool for companies that engineer-to-order. You can even try it out using the 30-day free trial.

Once you have a familiarized yourself with using DriveWorks Solo, you can import your Xpress project and gain the added functionality Solo has to offer.

Moving your DriveWorks Xpress project to DriveWorks Solo (DW Solo) is easy. Follow the steps below after downloading and activating your DriveWorks Solo Software. You can sign up or login using the following link:

  1. Backup your DriveWorks Express Files. This includes the mdb database file and the SOLIDWORKS models.
  2. Open SolidWorks and find DW Solo in the task bar (A). Create a new Project in DW Solo (B). Click Next


  3. Select “Import from DriveWorksXpress (C) and Browse to the location where your new DW Solo project will be saved (D). Click Finish.


  4. You will now need to browse for your DriveWorksXpress database (E)


  5. Select the source DW Xpress project (F)


  6. The import will now complete and the imported project will be open and ready to modify within DW Solo.


If you would like more information on DriveWorks Training and one-on-one mentoring, please visit our Training portal at

DriveWorks Xpress Training

DriveWorks Solo Training

DriveWorks Implementation – Training plus One-on-One Mentoring

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