Network SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Networking SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2013 or later version works no different from any other add-in; add the serial number and reactivate the SNL on the server side and on the client side just install the software then turn on the add-in.  The 2012 version however runs a bit differently and if you have tried to install this, you have probably learned the hard way.  This is because SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2012 uses its own SNL manager. As per SOLIDWORKS knowledge base article S-058947 this is the proper way to get this installed and running:

To obtain a SOLIDWORKS Plastics for the 2012 release, you
must select the option to "Register SOLIDWORKS Plastics" at the end
of the installation or when first starting up SOLIDWORKS Plastics (from Tools
> Add-ins) or by going to Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS Plastis
Edition > Register SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

The registration process will guide you through the process
of creating a ".USD" file which contains the pertinent SolidWorks
information. This must be accurate or the .USD file will not be created. Once
done, select the Save Customer Info button and send the .USD file to
The Customer Center will respond with the appropriate .INFO (license file)

The license type (standalone or network/floating) will be
determined based on purchase order.  For information on how to enable the
standalone license, please see solution S-058896. For network licenses, please
see solution S-058948.

If setting up a network license
server where SOLIDWORKS is not installed, please use the attached utility to
generate the machine specific .USD file.


Brian Adika, CSWP
Applications Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.


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