New in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2011

Electronics Cooling Module

The electronic colling module provides accurate thermal analysis of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and enclosure designs based on realistic modeling of individual components and PCBs.

These factors improve accuracy of thermal modeling

– Engineering database now contains more materials, components, PCB generator for precise thermal modeling of multilayer PCB

– Module accounts of effects of Joule heating

– accurate representation of chips and base using two resistor model

HVAC Design

The HVAC module evaluates impact of air quality and temperature on products or people. e.g module can analyze a vehicle's air conditioning unit, a server room's cooling system or a building's ability to clear smoke. Inclusion of building materials and calculation of materials semitransparent to radiation such as glass, make thermal simulation of buildings, enclosures easier and accurate.

Ask us how to use these features to improve your product development cycle.

Rajat Trehan

Product Manager – Design Validation

Computer Aided Technology Inc.

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