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SOLIDWORKS 2016 now gives you the ability to search with filtered access to content with the MySOLIDWORKS website.

It allows you to search within multiple categories at one time.

If you expand the MySOLIDWORKS option of the Search menu as seen below:


Knowledge Base – Searches the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

Such as Solutions, (SPRs) Software Performance Requests and SOLIDWORKS websites.

Community Forum – Searches SOLIDWORKS Community Forum

Blogs – Searches SOLIDWORKS blog posts

CAD Models – Searches models in 3D ContentCentral

Training – Searches MySOLIDWORKS online training

YouTube – Searches SOLIDWORKS YouTube videos and content

Twitter – Searches the SOLIDWORKS Twitter feed

Manufacturers – Searches SOLIDWORKS manufacturers


  • All the options shown above are selected by default except for Manufacturers.
  • You can specify your search by selecting and unselecting the filters I just listed above.

So for example, if I want to search for the new Mate Controller in SOLIDWORKS 2016


Click on the magnifying glass or hit the Enter key. SOLIDWORKS will take to the page you see below.

You can see which filters are currently active. SolidWorks


I hope this helps make you more efficient!

Don Glaske

Sr. Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology

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