New Bend Note Controls for SOLIDWORKS 2013

One enhancement SolidWorks offers in
2013 is more control over text and display of bend notes in drawings. This option is only available in the flat pattern view of a sheet metal part.

In the Drawing VIew Property Manager, you are now able to:

  • Show or Hide Bend Notes
  • Set the bend direction, bend radius, bend order, and bend allowance
  • Remove the "R" for the bend radius
  • Edit text
  • Display complementary and supplementary bend angles

Bend Note Option buttons

There are 6 Bend Notes options (in order left to right):

  1. Bend direction
  2. Supplementary angle
  3. Complimentary angle
  4. Bend Radius
  5. Bend order
  6. Bend allowance

Also available:

We can control the bend note precision per drawing view. Click OPTIONS (Standard toolbar) or go to Tools > Options. On the Document Properties tab, expand the Tables and click Bend to set the options (shown below).

Tools Options

Collinear bend notes can now be merged and unmerged.  To merge bend notes into a single note, select multiple notes, right-click and select Merge Bend Notes. To unmerge bend notes, right-click and select Unmerge Bend Notes.


Judy Marlo

CATI St. Louis

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