Old SOLIDWORKS Dog Gets A New Trick

Experienced Users: Missed Item #1 in 2012 What's New

Experienced users tend to dive into a new version (like 2012) and not take any time to review what's new. Taking time to go to a What's New Event / Roll-out might seem like a lot of time to loose. Reading the What's New Document(PDF/HTML) from the Help Menu in SOLIDWORKS seems like work (that the boss isn't interested in) and thus people miss out on some really nice enhancements. Sometimes enhancements are new ways of doing the same old thing, so one might think, I already have a way of doing that, why do I need a new one? Well, sometimes, your way is in need of new trick.

Here's one you might have missed that came out in 2012

– Hide and Show Components using Tab/Shift+Tab.

In an assembly file, put the cursor over a part, press the Tab key and it'll disappear. Put the cursor over a spot where a hidden part should be and press Shift+Tab and it'll reappear. For added flare, hold the key(s) and move the cursor and it'll keep on working!

In case you're wondering where you could find new tricks like this one, check out the What's New Document under SolidWorks' Help, What's New menu….


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