Parts disappear when rotating

I think we have a case of mistaken identity.   I have seen several issues where a customer has a part that disappears when they rotate.   When this happens, the first thing you think of is the graphics card and or driver.  Usually this is the culprit when parts disappear or become choppy.  This has the look and feel of a graphics issue but in reality it is something much simpler. 

After several minutes of beating your head against the desk, there really is a simple solution.  In most cases like this, you have a part or a sketch way out in space and may not realize it.  This can especially happen in an assembly when you go to mate parts together.  When putting on a mate, sometimes the part can move far away from the other parts appearing as if it has disappeared.  To see if this is indeed the issue, what you want to try is to hit the f key.  This is the zoom to fit command.  This will immediately let you know if that is the problem.  Although this is a simple solution, it can be very frustrating if it happens to you.

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