PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 Language Options

In the latest release of PDMWorks Enterprise 2008, we saw some additional languages added.  So, at this moment, PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 supports English, French, Korean, Russian, Czech, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish.

From an IT perspective, it can be difficult to deploy in multiple languages, so all end user clients can be rolled out in one language and then changed after the fact.  In fact, the language choice can be made from the administration tool, just by changing user or group settings.  It is easy.  Just right-click on a user or group in the admin tool and select settings.  There is a tab called Language.  From there you can select a drop down menu to set the language for that user or group  (See image).  The language will take affect during the next reboot.

Languages Using this tool, IT can deploy one client type, and the PDM admin can set or change the language settings whenever appropriate.  Any questions, send to InFlow Technology.

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