PDMWorks Enterprise and MS Dynamics Part 2

After an earlier post regarding integrating PDMWorks Enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics, we have received some questions about how it works.  I never want to leave my fans hanging, so I have decided to provide additional feedback with an attached video.

The integration is performed with an XML import adapter that will take information from PDMWorks Enterprise and load it into Microsoft Dynamics.  The adapter runs on the server and polls a directory every few minutes, looking for an XML file.  The XML file comes from PDMWorks Enterprise and is generated on a workflow trigger or by manual selection by the user.  The adapter loads the XML file and creates new items in MS Dynamics and then links them to create the BOM.  If a new revision is released in PDMWorks Enterprise, it will create a new revision inside MS Dynamics.  The adapter works with MS Dynamics GP, AX, and NAV.  The linked video shows the integration with MS Dynamics GP.


Questions, contact InFlow Technology.

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