PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 ERP Export and Import

Recently there was a post announcing the release of PDMWorks Enterprise 2008.  This product has some new import and export capabilities to exchange information with other applications, such as ERP or CRM.

Here is what you can do:

  • Create sets of variable aliases to map PDMWorks Enterprise BOM variables to ERP data
  • Import data from an ERP application into SolidWorks by creating import rules
  • Export data from SolidWorks to an ERP application by creating export rules
  • Import ERP data to populate PDMWorks Enterprise lists (drop down menus on data cards)

Here are some screenshots.  The first screenshot shows the mapping for exporting from SolidWorks.  The second screenshot shows a workflow transition used to trigger the export to ERP.  The third screenshot is the import setup screen.  Any questions regarding functionality or setup, contact InFlow Technology.



Export_transition    Import_screen

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