PDMWorks Enterprise Viewer Options

PDMWorks Enterprise has different options when it comes to viewing files in the Vault.  There is an embedded eDrawings viewer for SolidWorks and AutoCAD.  There is also an embedded Stellent viewer which supports 400+ file formats, mainly Microsoft Office and Image files.  The Stellent viewer was recently acquired by Oracle and the attached PDF shows some of the file formats supported by the viewer.  Download stellent_support_viewer_files.pdf

For those who want to store files that are not supported by eDrawings or Stellent, you do have other options.  If you already use a viewer for your particular file type, you can simply integrate it by changing the viewer settings.  See screen shot:


This screen is found by right-clicking on users, and selecting “Settings”.  Here you can virtually choose any 3rd party viewer and PDMWorks Enterprise will launch it when you select a file and perform a right-click “View/Markup”.  This will open the file in a separate window, not to be confused with the embedded viewer (eDrawings and Stellent).  Any questions, send them to InFlow Technology

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