PDMWorks Enterprise Batch Printing

As more and more customers come on board with PDMWorks Enterprise, we are getting lots of requests for batch printing.  Of course, any user can search the PDMWorks Enterprise vault and select a bunch of files and perform a “right-click” print.  This is easy.  Here at InFlow Technology, we have taken it to the next level…SERVER SIDE PRINTING.

Here is how it works: install our InFlow Technology Print Server software on your server (this could also be a workstation).  Configure your printers.  Change a couple settings in PDMWorks Enterprise and you will have a new menu available at the “right-click” that will show “Batch Print”.  From windows explorer or from search results, the user will be able to highlight a set of drawings, right-click, “batch print”, and a print job will be sent to the server where all the processing is done.

Just go to the printer and wait for your prints.  If you want, it will also print all the documents to PDF and leave them in a default directory on your server so that you can go get them using Windows Explorer.  Both the Batch Printing and PDF Publishing can also be triggered on a transition so that all the drawings can be printed upon “release” triggers in PDMWorks Enterprise.

If you are printing SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Word, or Excel, we can use the native programs to print the files. We can also plug in a 3rd party viewer that can print 100’s of file formats, including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CadKey, SolidEdge, Pro/Engineer, and others.

Questions…contact InFlow Technology.

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