Print Head Replacement

Print heads on an Objet30 are rated at 2000 hours of print time. I have seen print heads need to be replaced at 100 hours and other print heads that are still going strong at 6500 hours. The difference is the frequency of use. If you use your print heads every day, they will last a long time. If you leave your print heads idle or off for too long, it will affect the life of the print head dramatically. You can tell that you need a new print head because either there are too many missing nozzles, or the voltage limit has been reached and the print head is still not jetting the correct amount of material.


To change your print heads:

  1. Start the heads replacement wizard. (Options > Wizards > Head Replacement)
  2. Step through the procedure.
  3. The wizard will heat up the heads, empty the block, cool down the heads and drop the Z table. You will now be able to change out the heads.
  4. Remove the metal plate by loosening the thumb screws. 20140527_131346
  5. Remove the green head cards by pulling up on them. 20140527_131400
  6. Loosen the thumb screws securing the heads in place.
  7. Push down on the thumbscrews, releasing the head. Be ready to catch it. 20140527_131430
  8. Take a look at your new head and the underside of the block. Make sure there are 2 O rings on the new head. Also make sure that none of the old O rings stuck to the block.
  9. The new head comes with a plastic jig that helps with the installation. Line up the jig and push up until the new head is firmly seated. 20140527_132225
  10. Remove the plastic jig. 20140527_132649
  11. Make sure to plug back in the heads cards.
  12. Continue with the wizard. Make sure that you did not leave anything on the build tray.


Daniel Lindsay | Field Service Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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