Product Marketing Communication with SOLIDWORKS Tools: Volume 1

Product Marketing Communication with SOLIDWORKS Tools

This year for SOLIDWORKS World I put together a couple of
presentations. One prepared and I’m very proud of is, “Product Marketing
Communication with SOLIDWORKS Tools.” In the short of it I discuss: What does
marketing do? What is our part in that as designers? And what tools do we have
at our disposal. During the next series of blogs I’m going to touch all these

You should try to GRAB attention, show how your company is a
step above.

your prospects with enough information to help them facilitate their decision
making process
, to by your product. But beware of info overload; keep it short,
simple and easy to digest.

And give them a specific, low risk, and easy action item to
help them along their decision making path.

So what is our part in this? We need to provide IMAGES.
Imagery is not just limited to 2d. We also have some 3d options to talk about.

Things we create images for:


Shop Floor Drawings

Web Pages


Next Time will discuss, what questions you should ask marketing and tech pubs and begin with some of the tools you can use to get them what they need.



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