QR codes 101

What is this? How does it help me?


Scan Me – CATI Home page.

What you see there is a
QR™ code (or Quick Response
Code), which is a type of matrix barcode. Starting in Japan in the automobile
industry it was used by machinery to quickly access information about parts,
assembly process and other such information. Having for more information space
than standard UPC barcodes and consistency of reads make QR codes a great way
to access information fast.

Above is an example of
how the QR code is laid out.  The
position keys help set the extents of the matrix. The version information helps
your QR reader know how to read that version of the matrix. Next time we’ll
talk about how incorporate your company logo into a QR code use different
versions of the QR standard.


There are a lot of free
QR code generators out there. I typically use a web based one at www.goqr.me, you get a lot of options from
creation and output. On the creation side you can create QRs that go to a
webpage, automatically dial your phone, send a text message, or enter your information
into a phone as contact.


SCAN ME for Bob's contact information

So what if….. You could
scan a QR code on your phone have an assembly process or a detailed print come
up on your Android, Iphone, or Ipad. Try these.

 4240 cad toy store03

4240 cad toy store03SCAN ME for an interactive parts list on your android or IOS device. (Browser must support html5)


Blender cad toy store021 

SCAN ME for an disassembly instructions and interactive parts list on your android or IOS device. (Browser must support html5)

More next time.

Bob McGaughey, CSWE


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